Camping in Dubai is always a joy. One can see the stars late at night across the desert while enjoying the rustic sounds and sights as well as the smell of the campfire. Numerous tourists visit Dubai to sightsee and embark on adventure trips and camping. And so, if you’d like to ensure that your camping trip goes off without a hitch, browse our website or call Supreme Store on +971 55 1111 056.

Gear of Up for Your Camping Adventures in Dubai

Supreme Store makes varied types of camping gear and equipment available for buyers, making camping adventures more fun.

To get started for, one should make a checklist of the specialist equipment required for camping in Dubai. This will ensure that when you intend to use the equipment, it’ll be ready to go. This goes for pocket tools which will come handy on a weekend trip spent camping.

Similarly, when you invest in air mats, you can comfortably have long conversions with friends even while outdoors. Air mats come in handy when taking a pit stop while hiking in Dubai. You can find easy access to pocket tools such as carabiners at the Supreme Store, and nice air mats are available as well.

To ensure the most comfortable experience while camping adventures in Dubai, you should invest in camping chairs. At the end of your trip, camping chairs can be conveniently used in your own backyard, further increasing their versatility. Camping chairs, while being sturdy are exceptionally light and portable, and Supreme Store offers a fantastic variety. So, you can easily find the right kind of camping chairs when shopping with us.

Camping Tents

While camping in Dubai, you’ll, of course, need a tent, and you’ll find the best selection of tents here at Supreme Store. We have options to suit any budget or requirement.

If you’re after a party tent, then you’ll find we have an excellent selection. They block the sun nicely and sport open sides. While camping in Dubai, you can relax in your camping chairs under a party tent while enjoying some food, drinks, and excellent company.

Alternately, if you are not enticed by the idea of creating a patio back home, a party tent can make for a suitable alternative. They are easy to install – rarely taking long to get set up. While not suitable for hiking in Dubai, rest assured that our regular tents are.

The range of tents available in Supreme Store’s catalogue is extensive. Options include canvas tents and poly tents.

Extensive Range of Miscellaneous Items

When camping in Dubai, you’ll likely invest in a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags work very well if the nights are chilly. One may also invest in an inflatable pillow, which will be easier to pack and more portable than a regular pillow. Basic camping equipment for camping in Dubai, such as a sleeping bag and pillow ensures that you wake up fresh in the mornings.

Shopping at Supreme Store is Easy

Before going camping in Dubai, you should create a checklist of the equipment that you should invest in. When you check out Supreme Store, you’re likely to find the equipment you’re looking for. At Supreme Store, a few of our top selections include:

Supreme Store only supplies equipment which is top quality, easy to assemble and high-performance.

The number one choice for camping adventures in Dubai


Visit Supreme Store today, and find the best-suited equipment for camping adventures in Dubai. Making a purchase at Supreme Store is easy, and you can check out in three simple steps. Supreme Store ensures unparalleled support for customer queries and is dedicated to customer satisfaction. To find out more, call us today on  +971 55 1111 056.