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Equip Yourself for Camping Overnight in Abu Dhabi

Throughout the UAE, cities such as Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are forever busy. The hustle and bustle of urban life continues 24/7, and it can quickly become exhausting, leaving you pining for a much-needed escape.

Skyscrapers, malls, resorts, and high-end hotels are busy throughout, and so are the theme parks. Overnight camping in Abu Dhabi delivers much sought-after access to outdoor space, which residents and tourists alike yearn for. Moreover, the experience is fun and keeps the mind stress free.

This is one of the main reasons why overnight camping has become quite popular in recent years. Expats who work in Dubai are particularly fond of such adventures. Camping overnight in Abu Dhabifrees people from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. People from all across the UAE and the world are fond of overnight camping adventures.

By camping overnight in Abu Dhabi, you can enjoy many moments of peace as well as fun recreational activities with friends and family. There are numerous spots in the vicinity of Abu Dhabi where you can go overnight camping, such as Liwa and Moreeb Dune. But you should invest in the basics and equipment required for the camping trip.

You must ensure that you have some basic equipment for camping in Abu Dhabi, such as tents, insulated drinkware, and flashlights. And a BBQ grill is essential if you want to ensure that you and your family stay fed while on your adventures.

The Right Kind of Equipment for Camping in Abu Dhabi

Investing in the right kind of equipment for camping in Abu Dhabi will ensure that you’re comfortable and have everything you need for your trip. This increases the likelihood that this will be a positive experience filled with fond memories.

Overnight camping in Abu Dhabi may call for some walking. Abu Dhabi has a few of the finest trekking spots in the world. Having a nice rucksack helps.

What makes a great rucksack? One that is waterproof, ergonomic and easy to carry. You also want a rucksack which splits the weight of the contents evenly and has padded shoulders to help ease the burden. It should have dedicated compartments to allow for easy organizing and maximum accessibility. There should be a place to store a water bottle too as well as snacks. A decent rucksack can make overnight camping in Abu Dhabi that much more enjoyable.

Why Should You Choose Supreme Store

At Supreme Store, you’ll find a range of top-grade rucksacks. They are available in a range of nice colour selections with duffel bags available too for those travelling light while camping overnight in Abu Dhabi. A regular backpack is another option that’s available. They are frequently expandable, which lets you easily carry additional luggage if necessary.

A nice backpack for overnight camping in Abu Dhabi is an investment for the future. You can use your new backpack for future trips as well as days out and even for daily activities, such as work and fitness.

A pair of binoculars is also a great investment for star gazing or bird watching. Supreme Store has some nice selections in their catalogue, and we even have telescopes available too. Investing in a hammock will add a twist of fun to overnight camping. At Supreme Store you’ll come across:

Experience camping overnight in Abu Dhabi


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